Sensei’s Training History

1988 – Started training Tae Kwon Do in Liberty Hill, Texas under Jimmy and Debbie Rutledge

1992 – Tested for, and awarded, 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
(4 ½ hour test, 110 degrees, only one testing, over 16 two minute rounds of sparring. Broken nose on round 10.)

1992 – Started training in Bujinkan Ninjutsu under David Castleberry in Liberty Hill, Texas

1994 – Tested for, and awarded, 2nd Degree Black Belt, in Tae Kwon Do, under Bobby Ray Bartlett in Marble Falls Texas

1994 – Attended first Tai Kai taught by Bujinkan Soke Masaaki Hatsumi in Atlanta, Georgia

1994 – Tested for, and awarded, Sho-dan (First Degree Black Belt) in the Bujinkan System.
(Test consisted of being Uke (crash test dummy) for Charles Daniel for 2 ½ days at Ninja Fest, a seminar in Missouri. I uked 85% of the techniques that weekend.)

2002 – Assisted in organization of the event, and number two man in charge of the security teams at Tai Kai 2002 in Collinsville Illinois. (Command Center Team, Hatsumi Team, Convention Center Team)

2004 – Tested for, and awarded, Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) in the Bujinkan System

2008 – Organized “The Heart of Texas Bujinkan” We are a confederation of small Bujinkan groups throughout Central and South Texas dedicated to providing affordable, quality training to our members and friends. We host three to four seminars a year bringing in such knowledge as Luke Molitor from Dallas, Texas, Cesar Peligrin from Spain. Mundo Ruiz Tapia from Mexico, Greg Kowalski from Connecticut and Dean Rostahar from Croatia

2013 – Made pilgrimage to Noda, Japan to train with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and his senior students. The highlight of which was watching two of my senior students Michael Kalish and Richard Elizondo test for and receive their Godan (5th Degree Black Belt.)
Present – I spend as much time training with senior Bujinkan Instructors as possible and consider Luke Molitor of Dallas my primary instructor. I am always working towards getting back to Japan.

2016 – Received the rank of Shihan, 15th Dan, from Soke Masaaki Hatsumi.

In my 23 plus years in the Bujinkan I have attended, hosted or taught over 100 seminars including the following;

Bud Malmstrom x 3
Ralph Severe x 2 or 3
Mark O’Brien x 5
Bill Atkins x 3
Brin Morgan x 1
Hatsumi Sensei 2 Tai Kai
Muramatsu Sensei x 3
Jeff Prather – 1
Glenn Morris x 2 or 3
Dick Severence x 2
Eric Garner x 1
Angie Smith x 2 or 3
Jeff Walker x 1
Doc Sones x 2
Shawn Grey x 1 or 2
Elias Kryswaki x 1
Brian Tritico x 2 or 3
Rich Cearley x 2 or 3
Brent DeMovile x 1
Charles Daniel x 7 or 8
Gale Sterner x 2 or 3
Ed Martin x 10 or 12
Joe Adriance x 5 or 6
Jeff Sherwin x 1
Greg Kowalski x 4 or 5
Luke Molitor x 8 or 10
Mundo Tapia x 5 or 6
Cesar Peligrin x 3

Togakure-ryū Ninpō Taijutsu (戸隠流忍法体術) Gyokko ryū Kosshi jutsu (玉虎流骨指術) Kuki Shinden Happō Bikenjutsu (九鬼神伝流八法秘剣術) Koto Ryū Koppō jutsu (虎倒流骨法術) Shinden Fudo Ryū Dakentai jutsu (神伝不動流打拳体術) Takagi Yoshin Ryū Jūtai jutsu (高木揚心流柔体術) Gikan Ryū Koppō jutsu (義鑑流骨法術) Gyokushin-ryū Ryū Ninpō (玉心流忍法) Kumogakure Ryū Ninpō (雲隠流忍法)

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